Water catchments in the Murray–Darling Basin

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Murray–Darling Basin -

Murray–Darling Basin

About the Basin

The Murray–Darling Basin is a large area of south-eastern Australia where water flows through a system of interconnected rivers and lakes. The two main rivers are the River Murray and the Darling River.

The Basin is divided into two parts. Water in the Northern Basin runs into the Darling River and water in the Southern Basin runs into the River Murray.

More than 2.2 million people live in the Basin, including people from 40 different First Nations. It’s home to 16 internationally significant wetlands, 35 endangered species and 98 different species of waterbirds.

Around 40% of Australia's agricultural produce comes from the Murray–Darling Basin.

1,061,469 km2 total area.

11,000 km2 irrigated area (2019–20) - 1% of total area.

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