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Map of the Murray–Darling Basin region within Australia. It shows the catchments that we provide data for, within the Basin area.

Each catchment on the map can be selected to display related information. This information can also be accessed using the Select a Basin catchment control above the map.

The map also displays markers for major storages across the Basin, and data for each. This data includes latest volume as a percentage of the storage capacity and a megalitre amount, with a comparison to the amount in storage at the same time last year. This information can also be found in the Water Availability tab within the catchment-specific information, when a catchment is selected.

The map also displays weather data – rainfall and soil moisture – as coloured overlays. This weather data cannot be accessed in any other way.

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Murray-Darling Basin overview

About the Basin

The Murray–Darling Basin is a large area of south-eastern Australia where water flows through a system of interconnected rivers and lakes. The two main rivers are the River Murray and the Darling River.

More than 2.2 million people live in the Basin, including people from 40 different First Nations. It’s home to 16 internationally significant wetlands, 35 endangered species and 98 different species of waterbirds.

Around 40% of Australia's agricultural produce comes from the Murray–Darling Basin.

1,061,469 km2 total area.

11,000 km2 irrigated area (2019–20) - 1% of total area.

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